Yellowstone Kevin Costner John Dutton Jacket

Yellowstone is a blockbuster American TV drama series. The show was released in 2018 on the paramount network. The drama is based on the genre of urban, contemporary, neo-western, drama genre. It has run up to three very successful and profitable seasons.

The Duttons Fight For What Is Theirs

The drama has a very unique and different kind of script and is based on the life of a family that lives in the western suburbs of the United States of America

The family named Duttons, and it’s a very strong and powerful family that knows how to protect themselves against feuds and fights.

They Receive Threats

The Duttons often need to deal with the land grabbing schemes, developers, builders, and the American Indian reservation members who all want to take away the land from them. The feud is so intense that one of the sons of the Dutton family gets murdered by an Indian reservation man, who later gets killed by another member of the Dutton family.

Steve Costner as John Dutton Looks Fitting

The head of the Duttons called John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, is in his sixties, and his previous generations spent their lives gathering and making a home on the land they live on. Therefore he is really attached to the inherited family ranch.

The Fashionable Outfits In Yellowstone

Some very fine and top quality jackets have been featured in the drama series and Yellowstone TV Show John Dutton Jacket is one of them. The jacket is made of cotton fabric and has a viscose lining to it. The viscose keeps the body cozy and comfortable. The collar is a stand-up or erect style which is orange. The closure is zippered.

There are two pockets inside and four at the front. The cuffs are full sleeves with a snap tab style and whereas the jacket color is light brown. Place your orders right away!



Cotton Blend


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