Walker Yellowstone S04 Ryan Bingham Sheepskin Leather Shearling Jacket

The Yellowstone S04 Walker Shearling Jacket is imitated from one of the outfits of Ryan Bingham that he carried while playing Walker. Walker is a former prisoner and now works as a ranch hand on the Duttons’ ranch.

Have your outlandish experiences in an outfit like Yellowstone S04 Walker Ryan Bingham Shearling Jacket! It’s an appealing shearling jacket because it looks quite comfortable and unique at first glance. The material used in its creation is sheepskin leather and an internal shearling lining is also added to make it cozier. The front is given with buttons for closure, and the jacket comes in a neutral creamy tone which poses a warmth at the first sight. So make this chic outfit yours and stay classy!

  • What type of fabric is this jacket made from?

This outerwear is fabricated using high-quality sheepskin leather. It has a textured exterior and carries a soft shearling lining on the interior for a better wearing experience.

  •  What colors is the article available in?

This jacket is the perfect replica of Ryan Bingham’s outfit featured in season 4 of Yellowstone. It is available in the same color as shown in the picture, although minor alterations due to lightning and device outcome may occur.


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, CUSTOM


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