Men’s Yellow Cafe Racer Biker Leather Jacket

Get yourself geared with the Men’s Yellow Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket. Racer leather jackets became popular in the early 60s when the soldiers from World War Two would be coming to their hometowns on the motorbikes that were specially designed for them. The bike was heavy and not very cool to look at, instead, they were rough and tough it was much later on that they became a thing in fashion in the 60s and onwards.

The Jackets Belong To War Veterans

The soldiers and war veterans riding the bikes would stop at cafés, bars, clubs, and restaurants to enjoy themselves and have some entertainment. Due to this, the bikes were given the name café bikes and the jackets worn by the bikers were called Men’s Cafe Racer Biker Leather Jacket.

Now Stylish, Then Raw And Rough

Café jackets have now turned into a stylish genre of jackets on their own with unique colors, designs, and specifications. The jackets have also taken a completely different form in some cultures of the world and are no more recognizable than the original café leather jackets.

Soft And Warm Texture

The leather jackets are made in such a way that they keep the body at ease and comfortable no matter the situation. The leather jackets are known for their smooth and soft inner sides which feel so good on the body. This is the reason why soldiers and pilots have been wearing these jackets for almost a century.

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Mens Café Racer Yellow Leather Biker Jacket is a racer café jacket made up of faux lining or sheepskin leather. The jacket has a viscose lining which keeps the jacket warm and cozy. The collar is snap tab styled, and the cuffs are zippered.

There are two side waist zippered pockets and the color of the jacket is yellow. The shoulders are padded. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now!


Faux Leather, Real Leather


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, CUSTOM


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