Men’s Padded Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Men’s Padded Brown Leather Biker Jacket was introduced in the 1960s and has been in fashion ever since. The café leather jackets were launched in connection with the café bikes that were used in the 60s by the soldiers who would be returning from World War Two.

Café Jackets Worn By Army Men

The soldiers used to stop at local pubs, clubs, and cafes and enjoy themselves and take some rest before moving ahead. They found great entertainment riding their bikes through the countryside of England and having fun on their way back home. They wore jackets while riding bikes. The jackets usually were made of leather.

Popular Among Civilians

With time they gained more popularity and became a part of country fashion, and local people and civilians started wearing jackets and riding the same café bikes to copy the style of soldiers.
The bikes and jackets both have changed in style as they have evolved with time, and now they are much more sophisticated, unique, and stunning, with bikes with more powerful engines and jackets with extra strong fabrics and stylish designs.

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Men’s Padded Brown Leather Biker Jacket is a leather jacket that the bikers have worn for decades and it’s very much in style. The jacket is made of faux leather or sheepskin leather. There is a viscose lining inside the jacket which keeps it very warm and comfortable. The collar is stand up with a button tab collar. The closure is zippered and the cuffs are zippered as well. There are three front zipper pockets and two pockets inside. The color of the jacket is brown. Order now!


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