Skull Distressed Black Vintage Biker Leather Jacket For Men’s

Leather has always been a very highly celebrated fabric for coats and jackets and although it has recently got into the fashion world the usage of leather in jackets and winter outfits is very, very old, going back many centuries.

Leather In The Nomadic Cultures

In the old age, leather was used for clothing purposes but that was mostly unprocessed and raw leather, and the nomadic people used their own animals for food whereas their hides and skins were used for leather-making purposes.

Modern Times And Leather

Later on, as the times moved ahead and people got cultured and sophisticated leather was used to make much more complicated and elegant jackets and coats. Particularly, the royal families used to wear super stylish and elegant outfits.

World Wars And Leather Jackets

During the last century when both the great World Wars were fought leather took a different look as it was used to make jackets and coats for soldiers who would go to fight in the wars. Even the pilots were made to wear special leather jackets as they would protect them from cold winds in the middle of the air.

How Hollywood Introduced Biker Jackets

Then leather jackets also got attached to Hollywood when Marlon Brando in the 1950s wore a leather jacket in one of his movie scenes while riding a bike, after which the fans were really crazy about leather jackets, and ever since this biker leather jacket became a fashion.

Qualities Of Leather

Leather jackets are famous for many different qualities which include the smoothness of the fabric, shine and luster, softness and comfortability, and, above all, the resistance it provides against winds and solar heat, keeping the person wearing it at ease.

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Men’s Distressed Black Skull Vintage Biker Jacket is made up of sheepskin leather. There is an inner viscose lining to keep the jacket comfortable. The collar is a snap tab and the closure is zippered. The cuffs are open hem. There are two chests and two waist-zippered pockets. The color is black. Buy now!


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