American Flag Black Leather Bomber Jacket For Men’s

Leather jackets have stayed in fashion for a very long time, and it has outlasted most of the styles in the fashion world. The leather jackets became popular worldwide during the last century when they were initially used for functional purposes in World War One and World War Two. Particularly, the pilots used to were flyer bomber jackets for their safety.

Leather Bomber Jackets In Fashion

Leather jackets are not new in fashion, they have always been used in different styles and designs for example in the olden days the leather jackets or coats were not so sophisticated or stylish and people used to wear them only for daily survival purposes when they needed protection from cold winds or heat waves.

World Wars And Leather Jackets

As time passed by leather jackets and coats became very different and unique and after the World Wars, they were used in many Hollywood movies as well, worn by top actors and actresses, which made their life in the fashion world simply limitless.

How They Got Into Hollywood

The very first time a Hollywood actor wore a bomber biker jacket was when the Hollywood legend Marlon Brando wore a biker leather jacket in one of his movie scenes in the 1950s. After the movie biker, leather jackets slipped into fashion and ever since have been one of the most famous styles in fashion.

Bomber Jackets For The Soldiers

The bomber jackets were worn by the soldiers only to keep them safe and secure during the battles and in the World Wars, the army men had to travel 100s of miles in the cold and fight their enemies, to keep them protected from cold and freezing winters these jackets were specially made for them.

Newer And More Modern Designs

Once they came back with these jackets the people were really fascinated by them and started to wear them casually. Since then many different and unique designs have come out in the fashion world and every other fashion house or boutique strives to produce newer and fresher designs keeping in view the basic face of the bomber jackets.

Get It Right Now!

Men’s Black American Flag Leather Jacket is made up of faux or sheepskin leather. The inner viscose lining keeps the bomber jacket very comfortable. The collar is rib-knitted and the closure is zippered. The cuffs are rib knitted and the pockets are two side waists. The color is black, and there are logos on both arms. Get it right now!


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, CUSTOM


Faux Leather, Sheepskin


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