Video Game Infamous 2 Cole Macgrath Black & Yellow Leather Jacket

Infamous 2 is a famous action thriller videogame produced by Sucker Punch Productions. The videogame is a publication of Sony Computer Entertainment and it was made for PlayStation 3. Infamous 2 is the second game in the series Infamous and a sequel to Infamous (2009). It was released in 2011 across the world…

An Adventure Videogame!

The videogame belongs to the action and adventure genre and follows the main character of Cole MacGrath. Cole is on his quest in the New Marais to become powerful enough to face his opponent and enemy called the Beast. Cole has got superhuman powers like he can use electric powers to influence his opponents and he also uses them to navigate the city.

The Karmic Gameplay…

The gameplay is super interesting and gives the player the opportunity to use the powers in either a positive or a negative way. The game works on the concept of Karma and what bad you do will come back to you in some way. The Karma system affects the ability of Cole to use his powers, the Karma decides what reaction the people will have towards him and how the story will follow…

An Overwhelming Response

The game generally received very positive reviews from critics who praised the game on its script, storyline, characters, music, graphics, and even the very concept of Karma. Infamous 2 sold as many as over 300,000 copies in the North American region only. The game was also the third highest-selling game of the month.

Get The Leather Jacket!

Infamous 2 Cole Macgrath Leather Jacket is made up of faux leather and the inner viscose lining keeps the jacket very warm and cozy. The front is zippered and the collar is standup. The cuffs are zippered and there are two side waist pockets. The color of the jacket is black and yellow. Get the jacket now for an instant discount!


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